November 16, 2017

Client Reviews

Some Client Reviews ….

Wow… She Is Back Awesome As Aways

I have seen Erin Marie many time before she left the islands. I have to say she is still awesome! We took some time to get caught up on current events, she is home for the Holidays and was able to see me. She is naturally strong (in a good very relaxing way). I got up realizing how much more I actually needed the massage because not only was my problem areas better, but my lower back and overall body felt better. I definitely recommend her. She isn’t going to be available here much longer. Catch her now as she isn’t always available.

Jim S

Nice Time

Wow… that was a great massage. It was much more than I expected.


Nice and Perfect Session

I had my first session with Erin-Marie today, and it was truly wonderful. She is a beautiful woman both inside and out. Her warm personality puts you immediately at ease, and it only gets better from there. Her therapeutic skills are really excellent and relaxing, and her touch and pressure is just what sore muscles need. I was truly amazed by her exceptional talent. Side note: She did just move into her own private space and in the process of furniture it. But beside that, I’m seeing her again soon! Thx Erin

Brad R.


I’ve seen her over 5 times now since her arrival to California and I have to say she always knows exactly what I need and where I need it. She eases her way into my tight muscles, blending long, soothing strokes with deep, penetrating, specific work. She is professional, reliable, friendly, and incredibly caring. I am left feeling my absolute best every time – it’s literally my favorite time of the week. I highly recommend her to anyone to the over-stressed who just need to take a deep breath and pamper themselves! Erin Marie

Ben S


Great massage by an intelligent, warm person. She has strong intuitive hands and provides a “spa” like atmosphere. Will definitely repeat. Thanks,

Robert W

Great Massage

Erin Marie was great! Professional, clean, inviting environment and easy on the eyes! She has very strong hands and does a very complete massage. The music and ambiance was outstanding. She is definitely interested in expanding her business, at the end of the session she gave a business card. Having had numerous massages in the past from different providers, she is ranked amongst the top I have had! Keep up the great massage work!

Mel S.

Totally Relaxing

Hey Erin, it was nice to meet you this weekend. The massage was wonderful and your attention to detail was one of a kind. Your place is also nice and relaxing, enjoy the music, just perfect setting for the massage. I’m glad that I opted for the 90 min. massage and it was definitely worth the extra time. I felt completely comfortable the entire time and wish I could have stayed longer. Thanks Erin Marie for the incredible massage experience. I cannot wait to come back to see you again. Take Care!

Jennifer M


I am a current client of Erin Marie since last year. Erin Marie is very intelligent, well cultured, and a true professional in every sense. The session you receive at MassageWork – SoCal is suited to the clients needs. Erin Marie asks me at the beginning of every session, which technique I would prefer, and asks periodically during the session whether the right amount of pressure is being applied. Erin incorporates some light stretching and knows to perfection how to apply trigger point pressure to target muscles. I have always booked an hour and a half session and she always working through the session without a break, I feel totally relaxed after the session. She understands the way muscles work and how to treat them. Erin works from a professional studio which is impeccably clean peaceful- nicely decorated, and is located near Waikiki very convenient for me anytime of day. Erin Marie is always pleasant to deal and speak with. As an attorney living and working here and on the mainland, I can without hesitation highly recommend Erin Marie. P.S. I failed to mention that Erin Marie is attractive another plus to an already great experience.

Chad L.

I will be Back

I like to relax and feel better, as well as get a good work out when getting a massage. I like it deep enough so I’m going to feel like I got a great work out for several days after. But, I don’t like massages that leave me feeling beat up and bruised. A co-worker had told me about Erin Marie, how strong she is and yet considerate with the correct pressure for each person. She asked me several times about the pressure and stretches adjusting it for how I liked it. I feel great, starting my weekend out great. I have vow to start getting massage on a regularly now because of her. She told me that she has a new sliding scale for her returning clients that make it easier to see her.

Warren H


I was a bit nervous at first as finding Erin on Backpage but after reading some of the other reviews, I understand better. Her place is nicely decorated and I was put at ease shortly after I entered into her place. After the preliminary questioning regarding my medical history, I was laughing and relaxed and excited about the massage. She exceeded my expectations with her technique, her touch and her routine. The massage was incredible and the music was perfect for the mood at the time. I highly recommend her for a therapeutic as well as sports and stretches.

Teddy V

3 words!

3 words: efficient, skilled and friendly. I had a backache all day yesterday. I scheduled last minute, lucky she had the slot open, got there, she asked a couple of questions about why I was there, she told me what she thought would be best to do, we went ahead and YES! It did what I hoped it would do! What massage should do! Yes a miracle, great craftsmanship and I know that one may not think, but skill, accompanied with a nice personality works for me anytime. If you want a better feeling you, at least try this lady!

Jeff D.

Nice Job

Thank you Erin for a very intuitive treatment. It is readily apparent that you genuinely care about your clients and want to help them resolve any issues or relax. Very comfortable experience with wonderful conversation and touch therapy. If you want a quality experience without communication bearers or hang ups..she is your gal!!

John J


I saw Erin Marie this month mainly for my sciatica pain and some stress relief work. I really liked how when she massaged me it felt like she knew my body. She is very confident in her ability to heal and that was very comforting to me. She really has found her calling I think because she can put me at ease the instant I meet her and keep me in a most relaxed state with her massage as well as her comfortable studio. Thank you Erin Marie I will be returning again soon. Thank You

Paul J

Erin Marie

I highly recommend Erin Marie’s professional service. I have had my Third visit to Erin Marie and again left feeling renewed and very relaxed. Erin Marie has a professional touch that is extremely relaxing and professional. I strongly urge you to experience her very professional service in a clean professional studio. I will differently continue to use Erin service. I encourage anyone that needs to have some relaxation and feel like a new person to set an appointment with Erin Marie. You won’t be sorry or disappointed. Great person,

Reggie W

Great massage…

I have had a few massages in the past, but I have never felt so comfortable on the table as I did with Erin Marie. She was conversational, asked questions regarding my comfort level, but not overly talkative. I have a lot of neck pain, especially when driving and after one session the neck pain was gone for a while. I will definitely use her services again to keep that neck pain under control!!

Dennis M.

She is wonderful!!!!!

I would definitely recommend Erin Marie. First, she is always able to work around my sometimes-unusual schedule and is very accommodating. Second, she is a talented massage therapist who is very intuitive giving a thorough and focused massage. It is just a matter of minutes after the session begins that I begin to relax and let go of any stressful situation. I would agree 100% that the experience is supportive and nurturing. She is a warm and comfortable person to be around and has a great massage technique. I have tried a number of massage therapists her on the island and Aaron Marie is definitely one of the best. I have been her a number of times and will definitely continue to return.

Leilani J

Just What I needed

I am a very busy Marketing Exec was in the market for a private masseuse, try a couple of others, but couldn’t find that that I wanted to work with. I choose Erin Marie after seeing her ads sounded very professional all with a personal touch. I was very thrilled at her relaxing massage along with her location with all the extra small touch that one would expect at a spa. The only downside was scheduling with her. I now see she has an online scheduler which is great for me. Thank you Erin Marie and I will see you again soon.

Michael C

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