September 26, 2017

Sensual Full Bodywork

My stlye of Sensual Bodywork is providing pure pleasure. It is the most sensual of all massages that harmonizes the body and mind. Several techniques can be used in sensual massage. Some of my more relaxing is the fan stroke, light or gentle touch, circle strokes and stretching strokes. I use warm scent-free oils and lotions designed for this. Generally, a sensual massage will begin with softer stroke variants to soothe and relaxing you, and move into different sensations techniques as the massage progresses.

While receiving a sensual massage, a great deal of my clients preferred to be totally nude, while enjoying this special sensual feature. I had clients comment that they feel so free and empowered on a sexual/sensual level. Please remember, if you feel more comfortable to keeping your underwear on, I do respect your wish and never over step boundaries, the options is your.