September 26, 2017

Tantra Bodywork

Tantra Bodywork combines the sensual Body of Blissful Massage with various tantric practices. As human beings we are always looking for new avenues to achieve full body bliss.

In our session you as the loving participant and myself will embody God and Goddess (which is also called Shiva and Shaki), unveiling our divine essence.

From the conversation earlier on how the session will unfold and discuss any specific tantric practices that you may want to explore together and learn from. While playing with many yoga and tantrum poses we beginning by opening our hearts through eye-gazing and or slow deep breathing while sitting entwined in yab-yum.

The massage movements are slow and thorough, and are followed by light touches, kneading and stretching. The hands work in a harmonious choreography on the body. It is gentle and arouses the full body senses.